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Investment philosophy

Transparent, expert investment consultancy that is tailored to your particular circumstances is the focus of our daily activities. The overriding elements of our investment philosophy are capital preservation and the responsible management of your assets.

To fulfil your objectives and expectations, we draw upon not just our long-standing experience, but also our proven information and financial instruments. The most important of these is the “asset allocation” – meaning the concept of safeguarding your interests while compensating and structuring your financial investments.

The process of globalisation has led to a steady rise in equity correlations around the world. We focus our attention on raising or reducing the equity ratio within the portfolio structure and not on specific stock picks. In conjunction with this, we purposefully avoid so-called homeopathic doses, and direct our attention instead towards significant as well as flexible responses to current economic and market developments. This contributes significantly towards cost efficiency, transparency and the realisation of performance objectives in line with your investment profile. Our investment strategy is essentially global, long-term and conservative. We only consider first-rate and transparent investment opportunities.

At product level, exchange traded products (ETFs, ETCs, etc.) are ideal for this type of investment style. For this reason, your portfolio will consist predominantly of these products. However, we are wholly independent and free to operate within the entire investment universe. From time to time we also use top stocks in the form of individual equities and structured products as additions to our portfolios. Alternative products in the fields of real estate, commodities, hedge funds and private equity, with their low correlation to conventional investment opportunities, round off our investment classes.

Particularly, regarding these investment opportunities, which can be difficult for outsiders to access, we have unique contacts and networks. In accordance with the inherently boutique nature of 5 elements, we are able to offer you in these exclusive solutions and opportunities.