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Investment strategies

5 elements offers you six different strategies in the currencies CHF, USD, EUR and GBP. In the case of our “discretionary” mandates (asset management mandate), you authorize us to implement your investment decisions within the framework of a jointly defined and agreed strategy.

The asset management agreement forms the basis of the “discretionary” mandate. This agreement contains a comprehensive analysis of your particular requirements. Building upon these insights, we jointly devise your investment strategy. This enables us to ensure that your defined criteria and the range of risk agreed in line with these are adhered to.

The most important factors for this analysis include, inter alia, risk capability, risk appetite, investment horizon, capital requirements and future cash flows. The essential element of the investment risk can be determined by the neutral equity ratio. Our strategies range from fixed income (0% equity ratio) to yield (20% equity ratio), balanced (40% equity ratio), growth (60% equity ratio) to equity (100% equity ratio). According to your individual investment strategy, certain minimum investment periods are necessary. The periods range from approx. two years in the case of the fixed income mandate, to at least six years in the case of a pure equity mandate.

We also offer you the opportunity to invest sums from as little as CHF 100,000.00 in predominantly collective investments within the framework of our strategies, enabling you to participate in our investment mandates.

Another speciality of 5 elements asset management Ltd. is the so-called opportunity mandate. This is designed for qualified and risk-conscious investors. It goes without saying that our high standards of product selection, liquidity, diversification and ratings, etc. are applied equally to this mandate.

In order to counter the recent by experienced currency market volatility in future, we have integrated active foreign exchange management and hedging into our established investment process.

To enable you to monitor your individual investments and their performance at all times, we keep you transparently informed at agreed intervals about the developments and the results achieved. The securities account structures are of course subjected to ongoing reviews and adjusted at tactical level to take account of current market conditions. In addition, the Investment Committee of 5 elements asset management Ltd. monitors the results achieved on a monthly basis in order to intervene where necessary.

A consolidation of your assets creates a clear overview and identifies potential for optimisation. The consolidation analysis which we offer provides you with a breakdown of all your assets, their returns as well as the ongoing costs and fees at all times.